Tamil Nadu film distributors and theatre owners abandon Vishal over piracy stunt

Vishal, the newly elected president of Producer Council, has been making allegations against piracy as it affects Tamil cinema in recent years. The actor earlier announced that Tamil film industry will go on an indefinite strike from May 30th until government intervenes in the matter and take necessary steps against piracy.

The actor is better known for his show offs on public platforms and came under fire on various occasions. Other associations of Tamil film industry have pulled out from the protest as they do not want to lose business for the sake of his piracy stunt. Many people familiar with the matter have criticized him saying that piracy takes only a few percent while the quality of the movie decides on how it performs at the box office.

Today, Tamil Nadu film distributors and exhibitors association have issued a statement that they will not participate in the strike and the theatres will function as usual. They have stressed theatres will not be closed as Vishal said, as they do want incur losses. Having said, small movies that hit theatres in the recent months have performed well than big star movies. Vishal should insist producers and directors to make quality movies rather than protesting against piracy.