Swathi Kolai Valaku trailer: Will the film unravel mysteries surrounding Swathi murder case, at least

The trailer of Swathi Kolai Valaku was unveiled Monday, a Tamil film based on the murder of a 24-year-old software techie, Swathi that shocked the entire nation. The film follows the true events of the murder and the subsequent investigation promises to explore the mysterious surrounding the murder that question women safety in the county.

Swathi was a software engineer working in a renowned software company in Chennai murdered on June 24, 2016 in the broad day light at the Numgambakkam railway station in Chennai when she was on her way to office. Police arrested Ramkumar and accused him for stabbing her to death but he claimed himself as innocent. Following controversial and mysterious investigation, Ramkumar was pronounced dead on September 18, 2016 who was allegedly claimed to have bit a live wire in the prison where he was lodged.

Several questions were raised on Ramkumar’s death and the way the police closed the case. No one really knows what happened in the case expect those who were involved in the investigation. During the launch of the trailer, director Ramesh Selvan said that he started writing the script before Ramkumar was nabbed and followed the investigation and spoke to both parties, police officers involved in the case.

Watch Swathi Kolai Valaku trailer


“I was repeatedly asked why I decided to do a film on such a controversial case. But, I have been very responsible and sensitive while making this film. You may have several questions now but I can’t answer any of them right now because it will put us in a tight spot. We did this film to inform people and to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future,” Ramesh said at trailer launch.

The film will have the original names involved in the case for which he got permission from both parties – the victim and the accused. He plans to have a special screening for them separately before it hits the screens. Sensational Swathi murder case remains to be mystery wrapped with several unanswered questions. The case took two lives but the truth was never revealed. Let’s hope the film has something to tell us.