Swarna Kaduva Malayalam Movie Review Rating: Biju Menon, Innocent, Poojitha Menon

Swarna Kaduva Malayalam Movie Review: Swarna Kaduva is the latest Malayalam movie featuring Biju Menon in the lead role. The trailer of the movie has already created hype among audience which has given a fruitful experience to the audience today. The movie released today, making a buzz in the Mollywood as there is no bigger releases this week. As an accomplished actor, Biju Menon is shouldering the movie all alone and that his performance is the highlight of the movie.


Bankrolled as a family comedy drama, Swarna Kaduva deals with the happening subject that everyone has in them. Greediness is inside everyone and that makes a normal person feel more unsecured. If you are greedy on everything, what does it do to you is the crux of the story which has been executed in a natural and realistic way.

Directed by Jose Thomas ,  Swarna Kaduva movie has Biju Menon, Innocent, Poojitha Menon, Iniya in the lead roles. The music and background score for the movie is composed by Ratheesh Vegha, the lyrics are written by Santhosh Varma.

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Cast & Crew

  • Cast: Biju Menon, Innocent, Poojitha Menon, Iniya
  • Directed by: Jose Thomas
  • Produced by: Job G. Oommen
  • Written by: Babu Janardhanan
  • Music by: Ratheesh Vegha
  • Edited by: John Kutty
  • Banner: Job G. Films
  • Distributed by: Jo & Jo
  • Release date:  4 November 2016
  • Run Time: 2 hrs 25 mins


Swarna Kaduva featuring Biju Menon as the protagonist and veteran actor. Innocent is also acting in a lead role. This movie is narrating and making in a very realistic way.Rini ( Biju Menon) is a greedy youngster who wants to own everything. He is working as an assistant to a Jewelry owner (Innocent).

The story moves with very natural and lighter way.You won’t find any hard feeling in the movie. The rest of the movie deals what happens to him because of his greedy. Watch the rest at the theaters near you.

Swarna Kaduva has good social message and way of execution of the script is the highlight of the movie. As there are no movies releasing today with big stars, it is going to make a great deal to the stakeholders.

As far as the movie is concerned, it is a light hearten movie with no hard feelings.

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