Suriya’s Yamudu 3 Movie Review Rating

Yamudu 3 Movie Review: Yamudu 3, the much hyped and the most anticipated film of the year has finally made all its way to the silver screens after several postponements. There was a huge buzz on the film for several months among movie lovers. Directed by Hari, Yamudu 3 stars Suriya , Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles in the lead roles. Yamudu 3 is the Telugu dubbed version of Si3 and that of the third installment in the Yamudu franchise. The previous episodes were a box office hit in Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana and hence the hype for the movie is so huge here. Suriya’s market in Telugu states were big as well. Will Yamudu 3 live up to the hype that has created? Read Yamudu 3 movie review, public talk and live audience response.

Yamudu 3 Cast & Technicians

Cast: Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan, Thakur Anoop Singh, Soori, Robo Shankar, Krish & Others.
Writer & Director: Hari
Producer: K. E. Gnanavel Raja, Dhaval Jayanthilal Gada
Music Composer: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematographer: Priyan
Art Director: Kathir
Editor: V. T. Vijayan, T.S. Jay
Banner: Studio Green, Pen Movies
Music: Eros Music
Release date: February 9, 2017
Running Time: 2 hours 36 minutes
Censor: U

Yamudu 3 Movie Story

Yamudu 3 follows the trails of its earlier Yamudu films as the movie making and strategy of this season appears almost similar to the past seasons. Suriya as Durai Singam is now promoted to Commissioner in Crime Branch and after all the drama in previous seasons he finally gets married to Anushka. Durai Singam will be transferred to Vizag on a mission to find the murder mystery of Vizag Commissioner. During the probe, Durai Singam discovers the actual reason for his murder, perceives an international lobby behind the former Commissioner’s death. The story gains momentum as he goes on an international mission to Australia to take on the criminals. The rest of the story depicts how he deals with them is portrayed in intriguing, jaw-dropping sequences of breathtaking stunts and entertaining factors.

Yamudu 3 Movie Review

The film is entirely set in Vizag and Australia and this season would attract tons of movie goers from Telugu states due of Vizag touch. Though, it’s Telugu dubbed, the film has all entertaining factors right from fierce stunts to colorful songs and the intriguing screenplay which would satisfy Telugu movie lovers. The film deals with a global issue in which India has already been deceived. It portrays the ill effects of global waste being dumped in India, especially Vizag and Tuticorin. Just like his previous outing, director Hari has dealt with an unnoticed human threat which people of South India were facing.

There isn’t nothing much to complain about Suriya’s performance in the film. Suriya’s immense screen presence is intriguing and appealing. Stunts are really exceptional where Suriya impresses everyone with racy and stylish fights choreography, thanks to the stunt master. The villains Thakur Anoop Singh and Krish performances are exceptionally good where they were equal powerful to Suriya. The characters are well designed which takes up to the next level with right artists filling the gap. Anushka as a lovely homemaker and Shruti as a journalist, who loves Suriye one-sided don’t have great impact on screens. Their roles were limited. Suriys steals the show as he comes throughout the film. Songs haven’t had great impact on moviegoers even for while as does the visuals but it was the story which  nicely constructed seems to be engaging and test audience for a while.

On a whole, Yamudu 3 is a sleek action packed performer which will surely fetch innumerable positive reviews.