Exclusive: Everything You Need to Know About Si3

After quite a couple of postponements, Suriya starring Singam 3 aka Si3 is finally going to hit the theatres on February 9, 2017. The film will have a solo release as none of the contenders seem to release their movies on that date. The team had a press meet recently, in which they have screened an exclusive extended trailer in English for the gatherings over there, and all of them were impressed with the trailer.

Si3 has emerged into one of the most anticipated movies of 2017, and is expected to be the biggest opening ever for Suriya in his career. Fans were eagerly waiting to watch the film on big silver screens. The outline of the story of Si3 is doing rounds in certain sections of media. Just like the previous Singam episodes, Si3, the third and final installment in Singam franchise deals with a threat that India has been facing for decades. Not only India, its all emerging markets are being influenced by first and second world countries.

It is said that Singam 3 will deal with the international lobby happening in India, especially in Tuticorin and Visakhapatnam as far as Southern India is concerned. Waste disposal is the big concern for developed counties as they want their countries free from toxic and e-waste, and pollute other countries by dumping waste in emerging countries. Mostly, African countries were severely hit by global waste and India has some substantial share in importing global waste and dumping them here (mostly illegal), lying at the harbors deck, reeking.

You should have guessed the plot of Si 3 by now. There have been strong debate in the past about dumping global waste in India, but when it comes to South India, especially Tamil Nadu, they won’t seem appalling to the rest of India. Anyways, Si3 will expose one of the biggest lobbies, thanks to director Hari for taking this issue. He has been always social conscious and his movies will reflect them in the form of entertainment.

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