Actress Suja Varunee Lashes Out Kuttram 23 Director Arivazhagan

The recently released Kuttram 23 starring Arun Vijay as a grit cop was well received among moviegoers and critics. This is the first movie in 2017 to get overwhelming response, and Arun Vijay seemed excited with praises pouring over him.

If you had watched the film, you would have witnessed actress Suja Varunee in the second half of the movie. Though, she appeared only in one scene, her character shapes the movie forming the turning point for the movie. Suja Varunee has lashed out the director of the film, Arivazhagan for removing her scenes without consent. This shows how frustrated the actress is and the upcoming actors doing guest roles in movie are totally waste.

Here’s her official statement:

We actors trust directors, & sometimes they break that trust, every actor tries to excel in whatever character they do!! Due to duration they cut scenes without even consulting actors who have worked hard for it!! So many times they have done for me, still doing it for me & many others!! I stringly comply if u have no idea what you script demans, why do u even waste money or actors energy to shoot it!! Upcoming actors doing guest roles are total waste. I’m still experiencing it, & I would like to tell other upcoming actors too!! Cameo or guest roles are only suitable for renowned actors!! These things hurt actors pretty bad, but don’t let ur hope fall!! We should be strong, Hope will keep me going far beyond!! Leasson learnt!! I will shine bright soon!!

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