Suchitra vs Dhanush Drama Continues: Exposes Dhanush and Anirudh’s Controversial Photos

Looks like the conflict between singer and actress Suchitra and Dhanush stills continues, even after her husband Karthik Kumar clarified about her controversial tweets saying that her twitter account was hacked and she wasn’t responsible for those tweets. Going by Karthik statement, is still her account hacked?

The singer today revealed the private photos of actor Dhanush and Andrudh Ravichander, in which they were seen intimate with their co-stars. It appears that she was being trolled by Dhuansh fans on social media paltfroms for the past few days, which she had mentioned in one of her tweets, and that might be the reason for her disclosure of private life of the actors.

It was Dhanush who was already been upset with the ongoing parental claim case at the Madurai High Court, with the elderly couple filing another petition seeking court to order for DNA test. Anirudh, on the other hand, was in the headlines past few days, after his mms scandal video gone viral. Though, he denied that it was not him, the photo that was shared today, he was very close with Andrea, his ex-girl friend.

Last time, Karthik Kumar and Suchitra claimed that her account was hacked and was retrieved. So it was retrieved earlier, was it her account hacked again today? This clearly shows, she has been playing games so far, maybe to grab attention towards her, but not sure why is she doing such things? We can expect a clarification statement from them soon.

She even disclosed DD’s and Hansika’s private photos. She said that she will be exposing the dark side of the actors and actresses through series of tweets.