Suchitra Clarifies About Offending Posts Published in her Twitter

In a recent interview to a popular Tamil news channel, Singer Suchitra has clarified on what is happening in her Twitter handle. As it is said in the interview, her account has been hacked by some miscreants, who are believed to be from Chennai, and appears that their intention was to bring bad reputation to Kollywood celebrities.

Here’s her complete interview as mentioned in one of the online portals.

“We have actually found who is behind all these; Two weeks ago my twitter has been hacked and misused to carry derogatory tweets about film industry celebrities. I have hired a private cyber crime investigator He has given us a report which says this happens from a hacker’s office, located in Chennai. This hacker office functions in the name of a translator office. “

When she was asked why she is giving explanation only now and why not before, she said

“Ever since I came to know about this, I have given explanation. After a late night recording, I was sleeping this morning when I got a call from one Ms.Adithi Ravindranath from Dhanush’s office and only she alerted that my Twitter page has been hacked again. She urged me to delete all the post which included some selfies. Only after that I checked my page and I immediately deleted all of them. I have also clearly written by explanation in my Twitter page itself.

Has she lodged any complaint with the Cyber crime department?

“Sad part is I think we dont have a proper system yet to lodge complaint on these kind of issues. The police stations I called so far said they dont know how to handle this and diverted our calls to some other places. Due to a small threat I cannot step out of my house. So I cannot even personally visit a police station and lodge a complaint. “

“I plead with this group of persons to leave me. I have no connection whatsoever with them (the film celebrities dragged in the tweets). I have never spoken anything– positive nor negative – about them. Please leave me.” Suchi ended the conversation on this note.

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