Suchitra Controversial Tweets Exposes Dark Side of Kollywood (Celebrity Scandals)

Suchitra Controversial Tweets: For past few days, Singer and actress Suchitra Karthick had been showing her mysterious behavior on her official social media handle, making controversial allegations on South Indian film fraternities. First off, she accused actor Dhanush for rough handling of her, but later she reversed saying that her account was hacked and some miscreants were misusing her account and she has nothing to do with the tweets.

Suchitra Leaks

Literally, if we have to say, it was a dark day for Kollywood. The much talented singer kicked off the day by posting a series of controversial and private photos of Kollywood celebrities, including Dhanush, Anirudh, Divya Dharshini (DD), Andrea, Trisha, and Hansika. The leaked photos exhibit the dark side of the celebrities, however, were removed from her Twitter handle; they already did enough damage to them. The photos instantly became viral and being circulated on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Though, Karthick, her husband and even herself, came with an official statement that her account was hacked again today. Things gone worsen by evening, she exposed sex scandal photos and videos of Kollywood actresses, including Anuya Bhagvath, Actress Sanchita Shetty, calling them as a part of “Adjustments” between the film fraternities. An alleged email conversation between Director Selvaraghavan and Andrea was also revealed by her.

Black day for Kollywood

The entire Kollywood were in shock, because of the fact, what would she release next. She even mentioned some of the celebrity names and said that she will reveal their scandal videos next. Currently, all controversial tweets, videos and photos were deleted and her account still remains active.

It’s high time for Kollywood. Interestingly, it would surprise anyone, how come a person could manage to get all those photos and videos, and apparently there are lots to be revealed. With that said, these sensitive revelations had bad and good things. The Kollywood industry was put in bad light right now.

Is Suchitra mentally affected?

Though it was said her account was hacked, it wasn’t. As per insiders, Suchitra has been mentally disturbed and having some medial issues. It was even affirmed by few celebrities who knew her condition, and Karthik in his first Facebook post had said that she is mentally affected.

Whatsoever, she has to be stopped right away or things might go worse.