Singer Suchitra’s Next Surprising Movie Has Shocked Kollywood Celebrities

The scandalous outrage that ripped apart few celebrities in Kollywood hogged the social media space past weekend. Popular RJ, Singer and actress Suchitra exposed obscene photos and videos of celebrities last Friday and there has been contradiction to the leaks. The scandalous action breached several Kollywood actors’ personal photos, videos and email exchanges, including Dhanush, Anirudh, Trisha, Hansika, Anuya, Sanchita Shetty, Andrea, DD and Selvaraghavan among others.

Of those, few celebrities took to Twitter to clear the air regarding the leaked photos and videos, and some even went on to file police complaint against Suchitra. There are lots of speculations making rounds in social media and some faction of media reported that Suchitra is mentally affected while others claims a popular actor is behind this interesting leaks.

Though, it was claimed that her account was hacked, some sources have denied stating it was her who exposed the dark side of celebrities. Whatsoever, the reputation of actors and actresses in question was ripped apart.

It is been said, meanwhile, Suchitra, who is allegedly living separately, has plans to move out of the country and settle in London along with her sister. They are likely to fly to London anytime soon. This has caused the celebrities to fear as she might release more of the scandalous content from abroad. However, an official confirmation is awaited regarding the same.