SuchiLeaks: Actress Anuya Bhagvath Reacts to the Photos Leaked by Suchitra

Singer Suchitra yesterday unveiled shocking scandals of film fraternities of Kollywood and actress Anuya Bhagvath scandal photos were among them. It was claimed that the alleged photos of Anuya were taken during Nanaban movie shoot and so called ‘Adjustments’ in cinema industry.

Actress Anuya Bhagvath took to Twitter and said the photos that was leaked in social media was not her. She blast Suchitra for her immortal tweets. “It’s amazing how ppl believe shit, sado-masochism!God save Ur souls whoever gains pleasure out of othrs charactr assassintn!@suchitrakarthik,” she wrote.

“I guess dis is d reason good artists refrain from being a public figure,coz more than d art crap has more value in d public eye! It’s amazin how @suchitrakarthik seems2hve nudes of every1!seems more like good artist is in luv wid us&wnts2c us in every nude dey pic! 😀 I tke it as complimnt if sum1’s fantasin me inspite of nt being on silver screen4so long2tke d effort of workin on creatin a piece of art! just2open ur minds,ppl(unlike me)put their daily selfies on fb,God save thm frm dis charactr asasinatn!nvr knw whr U find Ur own pic morphd!” the actress added.

Apart from actress Anuya, Suchitra also leaked the photos and videos of Dhanush, Trisha, Anirudh, Andrea, DD, and Sanchita Shetty among others. Actress Sanchita Shetty earlier today posted a shot video on Twitter in which she said the photos that are circulating in social media was not her. Following revelations of Kollywood celebrity scandals, Suchitra Twitter account was removed. Now Kollywood celebrities will be in huge relief!

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