Sripriya lashes Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Kushboo, Roja and Urvashi for that TV Show

Sripriya against TV reality show: Yesteryear actor Sripriya has thrashed her fellow actors’ who have been conducting reality shows on several TV channels that bring family disputes for the selfishness of the TV channels.

She had condemned Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Kushboo, Roja, Urvashi and others for judging relationship issues arising among families on public platform. She asked them to stop conducting such reality TV shows which is ridiculous and insane.

Sripriya took this matter to social media by a post that reads, “When there is a problem between spouses we have the family court to handle it, if any criminal problems we do have different sections of law to sort it out… I’m sick to watch tv shows where we actors sit and judge some ones problem and pain ..can we stop this pls…huh lets anchor and judge just art which we might have learnt a fistfull pleaseeeeee.”

It is not certain how government entertains such shows where there is law to abide family and relationship issues. These actors, just to increase the TRP (Television rating point) of these channels evoke the participants to involve in mishaps. And, they repeatedly promote them (fighting scenes, crying scenes, emotion and all such stuff) on their channels to increase the TRP of the show. This is annoying.

There are voices on social media supporting and against such reality shows, such reality shows should be stopped in future. These shows are just immoral and unethical to TV standard. The show hosts – Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, Kushboo, Roja, Urvashi and others became riches by degrading the relationship of poor people on public platforms.

As per sources, the show representatives have middlemen to bring poor people to the show and make profit from their sufferings and pain. It’s inhumane!!!

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