Breaking: Sony TV Famous CID’s ACP Pradyuman, Shivaji Satam Died of Heart Attack?

2-min read: India’s one of the longest running Television serial till date, Sony TV’s CID show’s senior actor Shivaji Satam has died due to heart attack.

India’s one of the longest running Television serial till date is Sony TV’s CID will no longer be aired because the show’s senior actor Shivaji Satam, popularly known as ACP Pradyuman has died due to heart attack.


This is the new that has been spreading over the internet and in fact, the truth is, the new is not hoax. Cool! His death is only on screen. Confused? Here’s the full story. The shows lead ACP Pradyuman will be suffering a severe heart attack and will die following that on the December 26 episode. If you are not upset with the news, there is more to know. The serial is coming to an end in the 1st week of January.

This will be the last ever season and no more seasons will come in the future. Though its death is said to happen on screen, his die-hard fans were confused with the news, and believed it was Shivaji Satam who died and not his on screen character.

There were several reports suggesting why producers have decided to take off the serial from airing. The CID show’s lead actor Shivaji Satam and Dayanand Shetty (Inspector Daya) were demanding triple their usual remuneration for the upcoming season. The producers of the show have refused to pay such huge salary as they were not in good position to pay off. And, they didn’t have any choice other than taking down the show.

The show is going to end its 19-year journey. And, obliviously, this generation will be missing out the great deal of mystery and crime serial.  Though, there isn’t any official confirmation from the producers, we are looking forward for the show to continue to air.

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