Kamal Haasan breaks down into tears over Snehan’s teary confession about Oviya

Oviya Exits Bigg Boss: Over a month long journey of Tamil Nadu’s favorite contestant Oviya Helen on TV reality show Bigg Boss has finally come to an end. She officially walked out of the show after a series of shocking and unbelievable events she meted out during her six weeks long stay in the Bigg Boss house.

Oviya was constantly targeted and cornered by the inmates of the house since her inception and was even betrayed by Aarav, another Bigg Boss contestant, who she loved at the fullest of her heart. Following which, she literally collapsed, decided to walk out of the show, knowing that she could not be able to continue with the show facing him daily.

Kamal Haasan, who was criticized earlier for the way he hosted the show is now been lauded by the TV lovers citing no one can handle it better than him. Last weekend episodes saw Kamal Haasan having one to one session with all of the housemates regarding Oviya’s exit. He criticized each one of them for their harsh treatment towards Oviya. Snehan busted out into tears when he was asked about Oviya as he couldn’t able to help her.

Snehan said the female contestants ignored her and it was him and Vaiyapuri who supported her. Aarav should have handled the situation a way much better rather than avoiding her suddenly that only had intensified her anxiety and anger. She only became unstable after Aarav stopped talking to her. Snehan said he likes her honesty and innocence, which hurts him more when she was forced to leave the house for no mistake of hers.

Snehan became very emotional and his realistic words even made Kamal Haasan’s eyes wet. This is the first time ever Kamal Haasan broke down in the show because the exit of Oviya has not only affected Tamil TV audiences but also him.