Singer Suchitra Loses Temper During Telephonic Interview

Singer and actress Suchitra, who has been trapped into controversial issues, has allegedly leaked the private photos of industry leading film fraternities earlier today. The photos instantly grabbed attention of individuals and being shared through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Though, she claimed that her account was hackled and it wasn’t her who leaked the photos, people hardly believe her claim. The tweets were immediately removed from her official social handle and she explained through a series of tweets of the current scenario and asked her followers who don’t trust to unfollow her.

In a telephonic interview with a popular Tamil news channel, Suchitra said that her twitter account was hacked for the second time and have registered a complaint regarding the issue with the cybercrime department. It appears that they asked her to temporarily deactivate her twitter account, but she refused to do so, as it could not be possible to track culprit once the account is taken down.

She further said that they have sought help from technical experts and appointed private personnel to track the miscreant. It is the same person who hacked her account previously had hacked for the second time, she added.