Singer Suchitra Husband Karthik Clarifies On Actors Private Photos leak

Earlier today, a series of controversial and private photos of industry leading actors and celebrities were leaked through Singer and actress Suchitra Karthik’s official twitter handle.  Later, Suchitra said that her twitter account was hacked and immediately deleted all tweets, however they spread instantly like a wildfire.

As we earlier reported, now, Suchitra Husband Karthik Kumar has arrived with an official statement saying that her account was hacked and it wasn’t her who leaked the pictures. He thanked everyone for understanding the issue and was patient as well.

His post reads, “All the people who have been mentioned in a not-so-positive way have been kind understanding and patient enough to understand that this could happen to anybody and that not to take it personally. I really value all of their love and care, and I am sure if this happened to somebody in your family, I wish you would also keep the same understanding, love and care that I am receiving right now from the people who had hurt by the most. They realize that there is nothing personal in all of this.”

Hope this drama end soon.