Simbu Asks Actors to Stay Away from Jallikattu Protest

It will be right to say that actor Simbu was one of the reasons for a massive protest in favor of lifting the ban against Jallikattu. The protest has gained mileage across the globe with Chennai being the heat point. In fact, the protest against Jallikattu ban grabbed worldwide attention only after it broke out in the state capital.

Meanwhile Nadigar Sangam gas called for a hunger strike tomorrow which will be attended by senior and leading actors including Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Ajith, Vijay, Suriya, and many others. At the same time, protesters have raised their voice against them demanding not to gain mileage through this protest as this is a student’s movement. The hastag #SayNoToNadigarSangam is trending on Twitter right now.

Simbu is protesting in front of his house and asked cinema people to stay away from the protest as there is no need for them in the protest. Here are the highlights from the press meet that happened today here.

  1. How do you see the upheaval of the film fraternity in this issue? Do you feel it is delayed?

This is my personal protest. I am born in this land and I would continue to protest for my rights.

  1. So, till a solution is reached, your protest will continue?

Yes, if a solution does not come in, it means that it has not reached the right place. At that instance, I will think of the next line of action.

  1. Protestors have asked politicians and film artists to keep away. Your take?

Yes, they are right. Why should film people go for their problems? I am not here as a film guy. We (Tamilians) have always been sidelined and I am here just to show that we can also rise up. I am not bothered about cinema. There is no need for cinema people in this protest. Let them (the protestors) do what they are doing.

Actor Kamal Haasna has also expressed the same thought in a recent interview.

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