Silambarasan raged in anger at rumors about his marriage proposal to Oviya

Silambarasan Oviya Marriage Rumours: Kamal Haasan hosted Bigg Boss caught the eyeballs of TV audiences since its inception and has been the talk of the town for past few days over speculations and drama surrounding Oviya inside and outside the house. Star Vijay is now next to Sun TV in the viewerships and TRPs after Bigg Boss Tamil went on airing in the channel, which is now the most watched program on Tamil television.

After Oviya walked out of the show citing health issues, there have been reports of rumors doing rounds in the internet related to Bigg Boss contestant Oviya and Kollywood actor Silambarasan aka STR. Known for his outspoken nature, who also supported Oviya when she was bullied by her inmates, has reportedly sent a wedding proposal to Oviya.

Soon after the news broke out on several online medias, it started to trend on social media platforms. The news of STR interested in getting married to Oviya sparked a rage of anger in STR and has apparently lashed out all the reports claiming to be fake and rumors. He immediately send across a press release in accordance with the matter:

“Some unscrupulous people targeting me and trying to spoil my name is not new to me. I have come over all the odds frequently. But the latest news that I tweeted some personal announcement in regard to an actress in Tamil Bigg Boss show is hurting and bogus. Some irresponsible people posting such a tweet in fake accounts carrying my name is not a surprise to me but what hurt me deeply was that some of the media people trusting such a fake tweet as my own and publishing and spreading it.

“I always believe media is a place where responsibility and accountability are the forte. But this irresponsible act of some media persons is something I cannot keep quiet and encourage. I hereby request the media to publish the news that comes from desk and my verified accounts personally and not believe the act of someone who wants to spread false in my name,” said the official statement from Silambarasan.