Silambarasan lends his support to Bigg Boss Oviya

Bigg Boss Tamil: The Kalavani girl is becoming more popular day by day, thanks to Bigg Boss show for bringing her into the show and now people have got some ideas about the contestants, especially Gayathri Raguram, Juliana and Namitha.

Oviya has caught the attention of TV buffs, common goers and even the film fraternities. In a promo video released by the channel earlier today, Oviya is seen crying due to the treatment she meted out by the housemates. You know very well, Oviya has an army of fans, calling themselves #OviyaArmy began to take on the housemates who pushed her into the miserable situation.

Kollywood celebrities have even lent their support to Oviya. In an exciting development, Silambarasan, who is much more like Oviya, when it comes to personality, take to twitter to register his support to Oviya.

This is what he tweeted, “If someone is different and not like the rest; it’s better to leave them alone than blaming and cornering. #Disheartened #Oviya #SpreadLove”.

One thing is sure, Oviya is winning over the likes of people. Let’s see what happens to her in today’s episode.