Suriya Si3 Movie Review Rating – Power Packed Performer

Si3 Movie Review: The most awaited Si3 aka Singam 3, the third installment in the Singam franchise, has finally hit the silver screens Thursday February 9th 2017. The buzz was huge for this film and a star like Suriya who has large fan following in South India, who had never let his fans down will also continue in this movie as well. His fans were highly overwhelmed with the release of the film with pre-bookings for the film already wrapped up and ticket counts at the theatres are raked up with movie lovers.

It grabbed the attention of movie lovers and critics right from the first look to trailer, busy creating records on YouTube. As anticipated, the movie held the audience spellbound with its intriguing, captivating and enthralling plot line. Let’s dig how fascinating Si3 was and whether it has satisfied audience or not in Si3 movie review rating, public talk and audience live updates.

Si3 Movie Cast and Technicians

Cast : Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan, Thakur Anoop Singh, Soori, Robo Shankar, Krish & Others.
Writer & Director: Hari
Producer: K. E. Gnanavel Raja, Dhaval Jayanthilal Gada
Music Composer: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematographer: Priyan
Art Director: Kathir
Editor: V. T. Vijayan, T.S. Jay
Banner: Studio Green, Pen Movies
Music: Eros Music
Release date: February 9, 2017
Running Time: 2 hours 36 minutes
Censor: U

Si3 Movie Story Plot

Just like earlier Singam movies, the film carries over a sleek, compelling and riveting storyline packed with action, suspense and intriguing elements of typical masala entertainer. The film keeps audience engaged because of the well designed screenplay with interesting entertaining factors. Suriya (Durai Singam) as a fierce cop has been promoted to Commissioner (Crime Branch) will head to Vizag to investigate the murder of the former Commissioner of Vizag. During the course of investigation, Suriya unfolds the mystery over the murder which leads to the international mission. What’s the deal about the mission and why was the Commissioner murdered forms the crux of the story.

Si3 Movie Review

We should appreciate Hari for discussing one of the global issues in Si3 and has handled it very well. Dumping global waste such as e-waste, medical wastes and more in India is happening over years and there isn’t much awareness about the ill-effects of it to the people. This movie will create awareness among people and if a star like Suriya educates the ill-effects of the issue, the reach would be max. Suriya impresses everyone with jaw-dropping and breathtaking performance, especially in stunt sequences. He carries the movie over his shoulders alone. The villains Thakur Anoop Singh as Vitthal Prasad is the main antagonist in the film is equally powerful as Suriya that makes the scenes they appear more gripping and engaging.

Anushka as Suriya’s wife appears in a couple of scenes and songs, and other than that her impact on the movie is minimal. Though, she comes in only few scenes, her performance leaves movie goers spellbound. On the other hand, Shruti as journalist, who loves Suriya one-sided, has nothing to do with the movie. Her role is very thin when compared to a film like this and even her performance is not up to the mark. She gives visual treat in a couple of songs and helps Suriya in investigating. Even, if we remove her part from the film, it won’t affect the movie that much. Harris background score lives with the movie, though songs aren’t good as expected or bad either as you would think. The highlights of Si3 are Suriya and stunts. In fact, the film opens with a racy stunt and all fights in the movie are beautifully choreographed.

Si3 Movie Verdict

To sum up, Si3 will emerge as one of the best movies in Suriya’s career as well as mint fascinating figures at the box office. Pulling down some scenes and logic mistakes, Si3 is a power packed action entertainer which will satisfy movie lovers to the fullest. Worth a watch!

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