Shocking: Silambarasan (STR) quits social media and here’s his last message to fans

After unexpected turns of events, actor Silambarasan (STR) has quitted the social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. STR feels that the social media is filled with negativity all over, thus apparently wants to follow his heart and quits social media despite having millions of fans all around.

With over 3 million followers on Twitter and Facebook combined, STR departed them leaving fans and movie lovers disappointed. This news came as quite a shock for his fans as he has been inspired by tens of millions of fans. We aren’t sure why he has suddenly decided to quit social media, but looks like things aren’t working quite well for him.

In case you do not know, STR influenced people to come out to streets to fight for their rights during Jallikattu Protest and actively involved in protest against Jallikattu ban. He did everything with the help of social media. It appears that the actor has gone through bunch of hardships recently, including the recent controversies and his last movie failure.

This is what Silambarasan has to say to his fans, “In spite of negativism, positivity was my forte but today’s social media !!! Negativity is too dominating, and I’m scared to be a part. Social media was necessary as a celebrity, but I prefer to follow my heart. So before I depart, just wanna say. Always choose love J #HappyIndependenceDay”.

So what you think about STR’s decision? Tell us in the space below.

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