Shivanagam Movie Review – Open Talk – Ramya, Digant, Vishnuvaradhan

Shivanagam Movie Review: Shivanagam is the Tamil dubbed version of Kannada film “Nagarahavu” has released today and is receiving mixed reviews from movie buffs and critics. Directed by Kodi Ramakrishna, Shivanagam is fantasy thriller film that has Ramya, Digant, and recreated Dr. Vishnuvaradhan in the lead roles.

Just like other fantasy movies, Shivanagam is a revenge story that revolves around a snake girl. The film is originally taken in Kannada and dubbed in Tamil and Telugu. The movie has released in all the three languages simultaneously and has received great opening in Kannada and Telugu.

Shivanagam Movie Cast and Technicians

Cast: Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Diganth, Ramya, Saikumar, Rajesh Vivek, Sadhu Kokila, and others.
Direction: Kodi Ramakrishna and Rohith Kannan.
Production: Inbox Pictures pvt ltd, Blockbuster Studios, Pen Movies
Music and Background Score: Gurukiran
Editing: Jony Harsha
Cinematography: Venu
Runtime: 2 hours 22 minutes

Shivanagam Movie Story and Analysis

The movie has a whopping production value Rs. 40 crore, of which more than Rs. 20 crore has been spent for VFX. VFX is the backbone of the film and the makers of the film have recreated the legendary actor Dr. Vishnuvardhan which is touted as his comeback movie.

In an interview, the director of the film has said, “This is a film where a girl takes revenge in her reincarnation. The story revolves around 120-foot snake of Lord Shiva. The film features nearly one hour of high-end computer graphics and my producers spent over Rs 20 crore on the VFX alone.”

Makuta VFX is the company behind the VFX in the movie. The makers of the gilm have spent Rs. 15 crore for 10-minute Dr. Vishnuvardhan visuals in the movie which took around three years for  recreation.

The film starts with a flashback character called Naganika (Ramya) who is a big personality in her city. She and her forefathers have been saving an ancient monument since many 100s of years. Evil Tantrik Kapali (Rajesh Vivek Upadhayay) and his forefathers have been fighting with Naganika’s family since many years to occupy this Lord Shiva Monument.

This time, Kapali kills Naganika and occupies the monument. While dying she takes an oath that she will come back to take revenge by Kapali. In the next birth, Naganika takes birth as Manasa, a snake woman to take revenge. Watch the movie to know how she took revenge and the highlight of the movie is the graphics portion.

There’s nothing new with the story, but the catch is the VFX poryion, especially Vishnuvardhan recreation. Shivanagam carries a thing storyline with loads of graphics.

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