Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 9 Preview: Clary Has More to Worry in ‘Bound by Blood’

Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 9: In the second season of the American fantasy television series that has gone through the final with just two episodes left for the season, the fans of the series have largely witnessed lots of drama, romance and constantly plotting. The ninth episode of the second season of Shadowhunters goes by the title ‘Bound by Blood’ in which Iris’ blood promise sidelines Clary who has been pitted in more of troubles.

Going by the synopsis of Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 9, Clary is sidelined in the forthcoming episode by Iris’ blood promise as the Downworld goes to pieces. The Downworlders are befuddled about how to deal with the issue when they get some answers concerning Clary being a necessary piece of Valentine’s plan.

Things get troublesome for Clary as Iris starts her blood pledge. She has to face other threats apart from Valentine and Downworlders. Being the lead of the series, we can assume that she can make it out of the troubles that lies ahead in her part in the upcoming episodes. Meanwhile, Raphael and Isabelle get nearer as Alec tries to make sense of what is going on with his sister.

In the mean time, Katherine McNamara, who essays Clary talked with Entertainment Weekly about Simon at last admitting his love for Clary in the previous episode aired on February 20.

“They’re both evolving. Clary is growing up. She’s start to battle her own fights; she’s developing. What’s more, Simon is also. Simon’s no longer the geeky fellow that we found in the episode 1. He’s turning into a vampire; he’s owning his powers; he’s beginning to have significantly more certainty. Also, Clary is seeing this adjustment in him. After Jocelyn’s demise, they begin to incline toward each other significantly more. Everything that has been going on in this world has been changing their relationship to a point now where they see each other contrastingly and it’s ideal planning. They say all things occur for a reason, and Clary and Simon are a consequence of that common movement,” McNamara said.

Get to know how Clary handles things in the next episode of the Shadowhunters which will be airing on Freeform on February 27th.

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