#SaveOviya: Support for Oviya grows strong on Social Media

Bigg Boss Tamil: Bigg Boss contestant Oviya would have been amused on seeing the overwhelming support for her on social media platform if she’s been out of the show. The Kalavani girl had only enjoyed success of a few movies during her film career, was later proclaimed as glam doll of Kollywood, who was offered with only chic glamorous roles.

Many of us didn’t know much about Oviya before she appeared on the reality game show Bigg Boss. She really has impressed millions of people, making her to reach new heights, thanks to her pretty looks, carefree attitude, strong and positive approach towards things and of course, she is true to herself. That’s the personality everyone should posses and thus she has certainly attracted the masses in short time.

Housemates have been constantly nagging her for silly things and creating situations to trap her. Nothing fell short, she eventually won the love of the masses and survived the eviction twice, who is now in the danger zone. It’s really cool to see even celebrities’ voice out for her. Housemates have been finding ways to make her eliminated from the show, but everything goes in favor of her. And, obviously, people want her to win the title. She deserves it, indeed.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 6 Oviya

Oviya burst out into tears after the treatment she meted out on Bigg Boss 

Oviya has earned an army of fans to voice out for her, creating and shearing memes across social media. Several hastags have been doing rounds on the social media, including #OviyaArmy, #SaveOviya #Oviyafans #Oviya4CM, to say a few and there are many. It is very rare to see an actress who is almost field-out is trending on social media most of the times ever since the Bigg Boss went on to air, and the hashtag #SaveOviya is currently trending, as we speak.

Social Media space is predominantly ruled by fans of the actors, especially Thala – Thalapathy fans. The social media space is flooded with support and memes of Oviya, and interestingly, no hatred for her.

Her fans have gone crazy since a promo video of her crying released earlier today. It’s almost four weeks since the Bigg Boss show went on air, people have seen the other side of the contestants and the only person, who remains in her own way, never cares about right or wrong is Oviya. Though, others claim her as arrogant and manipulative, as far as we know from the show, she has great qualities.

oviya army

Bigg Boss Episode 27 Promo: Gayathri Raguram involve in verbal duel with Oviya

Kamal Haasan and the channel failed to warn the housemates when they treat Bhrani badly and the same thing is happening to Oviya. We aren’t sure about whether she will win the title or not, but she will get more decent offers in Kollywood.

Will Oviya stand strong and fight back others? Will Kamal Haasan pull the housemates for their damned awkward activities? Stay tuned to know.