Salman Khan Turns 51: All You Need to Know about Khan’s Starry Birthday Bash

Bollywood actor Salman Khan turns 51 today, December 27, 2016. As usual, Salman Khan is hosting a biggest birthday bash party at his Panvel farmhouse. Of course, it’s the biggest party the Bollywood would ever have witnessed in recent times. It’s a starry birthday bash with some of the biggest celebrities attending the party.

At the time party, stars from Shah Rukh Khan to Priyanka Chopra should have been rocking at the party, who were personally invited by Khan. If it isn’t enough to amaze you, Salman Khan’s girl friend Lulia Vantur has performed at the birthday bash for the biggie Salman Khan.

Unlike previous years, which saw randomly invited guests and Salman’s Bigg Boss contestants, Salman has invited a few selected celebrities from industry and television. I can’t wait to see those big fat birthday bash pictures of Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and of course, Salman Khan posing together.

Salman was the most searched celebrity in Bollywood on Google in 2016 right from his movies to photos to personal life. Everything about him has been searched on Google.

Slaman’s close friend Katrina Kaif is also expected at the party. We are excited to learn who have been at the party. We will get back to you with more details about Salman Khan 51st birthday bash.