Saithan Movie Review – Horrifying Psychological Thriller

Saithan Movie Review: After the success of Pichaikkaran, Vijay Antony will be featuring in a horror thriller titled ‘Saithan’ which is the most anticipated movie of the month. Unlike other movies, Vijay Antony used an aggressive promotion strategy by unveiling first nine minutes of the movie that came with a theme ‘Who is Jayalakshmi’.

Saithan movie has released today and is getting positive reviews from around the corner.

Saithan is a psychological horror thriller which features Vijay Antony and Arundhathi Nair in the lead roles alongside Charuhasan, Meera Krishnan, Y. G. Mahendra and other paying the supporting roles. The film was initially scheduled for release in November which was postponed due to cash crunch in the state.

Directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and produced by Fathima Vijay Antony under the banner of Vijay Antony Film Corporation, music for the film has been composed by Vijay Antony himself.  The cameraman for the film is Pradeep Kalipurayath, editing by Veera Senthil Raj and the movie is distributed by Auraa Cinemas. The film is releasing today in both Tamil and Telugu titled ‘Bethaludu’. The trailer and the opening 9-minutes of the movie have created huge buzz on the movie.

It is said that the story was adapted from the novel “Aaah”, written by the late writer Sujatha Rangarajan. The movie has been made with a whopping budget of Rs. 30 crore.

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The main plot of the movie has been inspired from Sujatha’s famous novel ‘Aah’.Saithan is a psychological thriller that revolves around the character ‘Jayalakshmi’ which is played by Arundathi Nair. Vijay Antony as Dinesh, is haunted by the past memories of Jayalakshmi that leads him to investigate the mystery murder of Jayalakshmi. Revealing more than that would spoil the excitement of watching the movie. There is a twisting knot in the second half.

Vijay Antony plays the role of a software professional named Dinesh. He will be hearing voices of Jayalakshmi in past life. The story revolves around his struggles between his past life and reality. Arundhati Nair plays his wife and she will be seen in multiple avatars.

The highlight of the movie is the first half and the bgm, which gets you to edge of the seat. It’s a medical crime thriller, that will be revealed in the second half. The storyline of Saithan is appalling by itself. It’s an interesting script blended with mystery and crime, however, the complexity of the script has not been carried over to the screens. The screenplay should have been designed in a minimal way. The last 30 minutes of the movie kills the entire movie, because of the lag in explaining the  mystery murder and the way the movie ends.

Vijay Anthony and Arundhati Nai have given their best with mesmerizing performances. There’s no need of songs in the movie, which we feel misplaced and unwanted, except  the  the Jayalakshmi song. The flashback and climax portions should have been focused, but the director failed to present it in a sensible way. The reason said in the flashback is not so strong for the big thing.

There are several characters in the film, and everyone had done their job perfectly. If you lke dark films and serious subjects then this movie is for you. Senior artists like Charu Haasan and YGee Mahendran have been given equal importance.

Saithan is an intriguing mystery thriller with weak intelligence.

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