SA Chandrasekhar Hints At Vijay Entering Mainstream Politics

A faction of media reported earlier that SA Chandrasekhar would not allow Vijay to enter politics, based on his speech in an event where he spoke about politics.

According to a Tamil entertainment portal, Chandrasekhar has denied those reports and clarified on what he actually meant, and this is what he has to say, “I never said that Vijay would not enter politics. I initially had an idea to foray into politics, but today, politics has become dirty and now I have made up my mind to not step on it. That was my statement, and it had nothing to do with Vijay, and I am not sure what his plans are.”

This is more than evident to prove there Vijay might enter politics anytime soon. But the actor is long desired to get into politics as he has huge fan following in Tamil Nadu.

The 42-year-old actor keeps himself away from politics despite desires to start his own political party in association with his fan clubs. Vijay intended to enter politics earlier; however, it was put to rest after his movies faced release issues and other factors.