Bigg Boss Tamil: Juliana is an aggressive psychopath, says this veteran actor

Bigg Boss Oviya and Juliana were the most talked contestants on social media platforms. Oviya’s swag of goodies fetched her overwhelmed support from viewers while the impersonate traits of Juliana earned her hatred amongst people. Both have conceivable traits, however, Juliana defends her and deceives housemates constantly for her personal gain.

Oviya has received immense support from celebrities when she was bullied by the housemates but Juliana, on the other hand, has only earned anger and dislike. S. Ve. Shekar is the latest to criticize Juliana acts on Bigg Boss, and accused her for acting since the first day to grab the attention and sympathy of the people. He even pulled up Juliana for her recent drama that ended up with serious conflicts between Oviya and the rest of the contestants.

She played a high voltage drama just to grab the attention of the housemate because they didn’t notice her when she fell to the ground. She isn’t true to her or to the housemates. If someone had slapped at her face at that moment she could have rather ended her drama abruptly. He barely conceals his irritation and says Julian is an aggressive psychopath.