Now not Ranjith or Shankar, Rajinikanth joins hands with almighty!

Starting today, Superstar Rajinikanth will be meeting his fleet of fan club (rasigar mandram) members till May 19th. While addressing the gathering at Raghavendra Mandapam, Chennai, this morning, Rajinkanth touched on different topics ranging from politics to drinking. But the focal point of attraction in today’s meet was about his political decision where he said the same thing that he said two decades ago. He is non-committal about his entry into politics which leads us to believe that he is tricking people, especially his fans, to gain mileage for his upcoming movies.

The actor is meeting his fans after eight years and there are several allegations put forth against the actor as he make use of his fans for his personal profit. And, of course, those allegation makes sense, because an actor like Rajinikanth, who has a huge fan base in the state who are ready to do anything for him, is still not able to take a clear stand (or doesn’t want to) on politics. Rajini said that if God wanted him to enter into politics, he will then make his entry otherwise will focus on acting as God wants him to do so. We knew Rajini is an avid devotee of Lord Raghavendra and a religious person, but how does it make sense that he still not have taken a decision on politics.

However, he said that he will not let wrong people come near him who treat politics as business with an intention of making money rather than servicing people. But every time he escapes by blaming God. Rajini declined allegations about his fans meet as a publicity stunt ahead of his film’s release, and said that he won’t do such things and people won’t be fooled by such accusations.

He also asked his fans not to consume alcohol or smoke. But apparently, he is the one who made those things trend in early 1970s, and now asking people to quit them. Rajinikanth made a drastic change in Tamil cinema that a hero is not necessarily needed to be good rather he can drink as well as smoke, and almost all of his movies had ample amount of screen space for such activities.

It is not so fair for a pan-Indian actor with such craze for him in Tamil Nadu, to play safer when it comes to politics. He should not forget that he is in the late 60s and how long he can trick people by letting them guess?

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