Rajinikanth’s Kaala is Ranjith’s absolute trademark film – Here’s why

Director Pa Ranjith is teaming up again with Superstar Rajinikanth for the second time after Kabali for Kaala Karikaalan, produced by Dhanush under his own banner Wunderbar Films. The first look poster for Kaala was released a few hours ago and that took internet by storm. Film fraternities were praising the first look while social media is filled with posts and memes related to Kaala film.

Rajini fans were highly disappointed with Ranjith’s Kabali because it was not Rajinikanth’s usual style of movies (there were no commercial elements). Though, it was Ranjith’s sheer delight, he didn’t have complete freedom while making which he indirectly revealed in interviews as production demanded him to add some commercial elements. Expectation over the film had gone sky high after trailer release, but the full-fledged film not on par with the trailer.

Pa Ranjith’s specialty is that his movie posters will speak. You can easily guess the plot of the story from them. His previous outing Kabali and his next Kaala posters have followed similar design language. In Kabali, the plot was set in Malaysia but here it is Mumbai, and apparently there are lots of similar elements in both the posters.

Have you ever wondered why Rajini’s jeep is numbered MH 01 BR 1956 in the second poster? The last four numbers refer to Dr. BR Ambedkar’s year of demise (December 6, 1956) and BR refers to his initial. R. Ambedkar fought for the plight of Dalit community in India and so is Ranjith. Ranjith films always had reflected Ambedkar’s principles wherever possible which he had confessed in interviews.

There are lots of things to infer from Kaala first look poster. First off, the poster simply picturizes the lifestyle of Bombay Tamils (presumably in the late 1970s) and then, we can see big buildings and apartments all around surrounding slums, suggesting some connection between the poor and the rich. In contest to the poster, Rajinikanth should have evolved as a local don voicing out for poor people.

Ranjith movies had or will always have strong dalit political disclosures which came to limelight after Kabali release. In fact, his previous films Madras and AttaKathi were filled with his principles and ideologies, but it was only Kabali grabbed the attention of people because it had Rajinikanth.

The production house has denied that Kaala story is not based on Haji Mastan Mirza, who was then-Tamil don in Mumbai. It is unclear whether it is a reboot of Nayagan, based on life events of Varadarajan Mudaliar, a close associate of Mastan Mirza. There are no possibilities for Kaala to be fictional; it should be based on real-life characters or life events inspired from real-life characters at least.

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