Raghava Lawrence Issues Emotional and Sensible Statement from Hospital

Raghava Lawrence was one of the few actors who raised his voice against the ban on Jallikattu from beginning and didn’t stop with just a tweet or statement. He was on the grounds of Marina from the first day of agitation despite he was not ill. He was found in Marina protest with neck band as he suffered from neck pain.

Lawrence was hospitalized yesterday for neck pain, however, he joined the protest today. Despite doctor’s advice to take rest, he took part in the protest and suffered severe neck pain and fever for which he was hospitalized again a few hours ago.

The actor has now issued a statement from the hospital. Here’s is it.

“Hi friends and fans, sorry I could not be with you in Marina now as I have been admitted to a hospital due to neck pain and fever. I will join you friends in Marina tomorrow morning if my health condition gets better. I wish to inform you that my heart stays with you people in Marina. Let us continue our protest in a dignified manner. God bless you all!”