Quantico Season 2 Episode 22 Resistance: What will happen to Alex Parrish?

The end of the season has arrived. With the finale episode titled ‘Resistance’, the Quantico series will jump through the 100 days of incredible actions of the unofficial task force that reflects the new administration in the United States. Quantico Season 2 Episode 22 will see all the characters including the headline character Alex Parrish played by Priyanka Chopra, and also a major character (bet your cards on table) who hasn’t been seen all the year.

In the last episode of Quantico, Alex with the help from Will, Miranda, and Keyes plots Roarke and collaborators key plan of crashing six flights and somehow managed to save the flights. Reflecting the current scenario of the US politics, Roarke has signed 30 executive orders in the 5 days.

Josh Safforn, writer of the thriller series said he had to rewrite Roarke’s character to fit the headlines of the current administration, but he is with the government for three decades and more educated, the characterization was referencing the headline in some ways.  The final episode will likely end similar to that of the last season’s finale and will jump through 100 days in few minutes of the episode. There will be lots of interesting things to happen at the Constitutional Convention that would look more of today.

We have seen lots of things over the past few weeks and the final episode would put some lives at stake. The promo of the final episode was just released and the synopsis of the finale goes by “It’s Alex and the team’s last stand against the Collaborators at the Constitutional Convention, where a new amendment to the Constitution threatens every American’s freedom.”

Watch Quantico Season 2 Episode 22 Promo

“The goal of the series was to make a statement about current politics in America and also take the character of Alex through a natural evolution. I’m not gonna say she ends up in the best place in the finale, but she ends up in the most logical place… I actually think it’s an incredibly strong finale, and I hope you’ll agree,” Safforn added.

Quantico airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.