Priyanka Chopra earns hatred posting selfies taken at Berlin Holocaust Memorial

It seems the Baywatch actress fall on hard times, at least on her Berlin trip. Things went quite well for Priyanka Chopra until she posted a picture of meeting with India PM Narendra Modi. The internet has gone crazy about her and the actress has once again run into trouble.

Priyanka had visited the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and took a few selfies out here. She didn’t stop from taking selfies, and shared the pictures on her social media portfolios. That didn’t take long enough, before several criticizing her with outrageous comments.

She do not forget it’s a memorial ground for more than 3 million Jews and no is asking her to show respect for them, but disrespecting them is condemnable. That too, she is a public figure who has more than 17 million followers on Instagram and posting such disrespectful pictures on the platform could hurt many sentiments.

After seeing too many hatreds for her selfies, she immediately took down those pictures from her Instagram account.

This an unspoken rule, people don’t have to tell you not take selfies at the memorial.

This is what her frustrated fans have to tell about her selfies:

@priyankachopra I used to think of you as a sensible person till I saw your posted selfies at holocaust memorial, a twitter user posted.

Why is it okay for @priyankachopra to take selfies at the #Berlin #holocaust #memorial? She isn’t striking yoga poses & all that but really?, another user tweeted.

I am fucking dead at Priyanka Chopra taking selfies at the Holocaust Memorial. What is wrong with her., an irate twitter user posted.

Did @priyankachopra really just take holocaust memorial selfies!?? What the actual fuck

One of these pictures is very offensive but outrage is directed at the other.

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