Priyanka Chopra heavily trolled for showing off her legs while meeting India PM Modi, but her response was epic

Actress Priyanka Chopra came under fire after she shared a picture of meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi earlier this week. It didn’t take too long before she got trolled by fellow Indians on social media for wearing short dress (met gala outfit) showing off her legs for a meeting with the Prime Minister of India.

Some social media users took it personal as they got offended which they called “disrespectful dress code” that grabbed the attention of several individuals. Though, she isn’t criticized for the first time, she used to enjoy and make fun of the trolls in the past has gone beyond this time, as things went out of control.

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The “dress etiquette” became headlines on every news thanks Priyanka for wearing a short dress. Many posted that her dress disrespected PM Modi and his followers. It seems the cool actress got offended and responded to those who criticized about her dressing style. Troll her for showing off her legs in front of the PM, and she will hit back at you by showing some more. Here’s PC’s answer to the haters:

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Though, she did not directly respond to the trolls, she posted a pic on Instagram captioned “Legs for days… #itsthegenes” posing with her mom, and of course, legs. The picture was a hit which received more than 100K likes in little over a couple of hours. Fans encouraged her for responding in a defensive way.