This is what Oviya did after quitting Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss

It’s no doubt that Oviya exit from Kamal Haasan-hosted Bigg Boss has broken the hearts of tens of millions of her fans. The show has apparently lost its star value and it is learnt that Monday’s episode saw a significant drop in the viewership. The makers of the show will certainly not like it and will mull over alternatives to bring the show back to life.

Shortly after exiting Bigg Boss, Tamil Nadu’s favorite Oviya spend a day with her family and her cute doggy. She then visited a popular mall in Chennai on Sunday, creating a storm of buzz on social media. Her fans were super excited to see her in the flesh. She looked cool with lots of positive vibes, interacted with fans and posed for selfies. She must have had a great time with her fans and have enjoyed it to the fullest.

Oviya walked out of the Bigg Boss show last Friday citing medical reasons. During one to one session with Kamal Haasan she said she was happy and grateful to the unconditional love fans had showered upon her during her stay in the house.

Talking about her decision, Kamal stated that people’s love is the real love, for which she replied, “This love people have shown me is real. I didn’t expect to be loved so much when I came in. It has made me responsible and I promise to give it back to the society through some welfare activity”.

During her eventful stay in the house, Oviya entertained and amused audience, thanks to her honesty, outspoken and positive and bold attitude. She has won the love of millions of fans but her exit from the TV reality show came as a disappointment to them. Oviya has inspired her fans for almost six weeks with her morning dances, pretty expressions, carefree attitude and of course darling of Oviya Army.

Will you support her decision of quitting Bigg Boss? Will you miss her in the upcoming episodes? Do you want her to re-entry into the show? Let us know your thoughts in the space below.