Oviya to Shakthi: Enna Thodra Parkalam…That Thalapathi Rajini Moment…

Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya is been the hot topic of the day ever since the promo of her crying on Bigg Boss went viral on social media. Armies of Oviya fans started to trend hashtags like #SaveOviya #Oviya #OviyaArmy on Twitter all through the day.

The bossy Gayathri doesn’t like Oviya as she never gives a shit about her so she doesn’t want her in the show. She cunningly manipulated her mates against Oviya, who appears to be graceful and perfectly poised. The current house leader Shakthi, constantly supports Gayathri and takes biased decision, letting down other housemates. He doesn’t possess the quality of a better team leader.

The episode ended with a bang. Oviya fights back them and everyone were shocked when she dared Shakthi to hit her if he can. And, before that, Shakthi went on to hit Oviya. A mass scene from Thalapathi film where Rajini will say the popular line ‘Enna Thodra Parkalam… Thodra Parklam’, just flashed in my mind. That daring moment!!!