Oviya takes a dig at Juliana in front of Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan, who is hosting the Tamil version of the popular reality television show Bigg Boss, took the spotlight today, by asking a series of questions whatever viewers desired, to the contestants of the show. But, today episode is lighter than the last week’s episode that created lots of buzz amongst audience.

Kamal Haasan asked Juliana whether she wants to re-check the 5 seconds video as she was very much sure about it, she said it is not needed at this point of time. Julie accepted her fault half-heartedly and following that Oviya cackled with laughter, and in fact, really hard.

Oviya couldn’t able to control her laughter and the housemates are really shocked seeing her laughing that way. Kamal Haasan, however, realised Oviya is mocking Juliana, intervened and settled the dispute. They both settled their differences and assured they will remain friends unless Julie didn’t fake things.