Its clear Oviya is not acting in Bigg Boss, says this popular comedian

It was an eventful episode today on Bigg Boss with lots of fun and drama, especially for fans of Oviya Army. Her fans were upset as she was seen crying most of the times during this week but in today’s episode she was cackled with laughter teasing Juliana in front of Kamal Haasan.

The housemates were told to stage a drama of a scene in Kamal Haasan’s Avvai Shanmughi film. The idea of the drama is to teach them a lesson, which they didn’t realize until Kamal Haasan himself revealed about it. During the play, Oviya’s dialogues were prompted by Aarav.

Looking at this, comedian Karunakaran tweeted, “Its clear Oviya is not acting in #Bigg Boss becos she needs Dialogue prompt to act#Oviya Army #Oviya Navy“. The tweet went viral and received positive vibes amongst Oviyans.

Some of the contestants of Bigg Boss accused that Oviya is acting for the sake to grab the attention of the people. There have been two factions of people on social media supporting and opposing the allegations made on Oviya. They should be clarified by now, at least.