Oviya confirms she will not come back to Bigg Boss again, here’s her first video after the show

Bigg Boss contestant Oviya has come up with a new video putting across her viewpoint on several questions that fans would have in their mind. She uploaded the video to her official YouTube account which has now gone viral on the internet.

Armies of Oviya fans were exited over the video, but at the same time, they would be disappointed as she clearly said that she won’t make a comeback to Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss Tamil show as a contestant. She also asked her fans not to troll/abuse Bigg Boss contestants as he knew the pain of it.

Oviya has covered several things that have been doing rounds on the internet. She will be no longer be a part of the show, however she star doing movies in the days to come. She even asked her fans not to take her as their role model or follow her as it would degrade one’s self traits. She even talked about Aarav, pet dog, the reason behind her new hair style and many other things.

Watch Oviya’s first official video after Bigg Boss


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