Oviya is safe from this week eviction on Bigg Boss Tamil

It’s quite a spellbinding episode on Bigg Boss Tamil which came as a boomerang for the housemates, especially to Gayathri Raguram and gang. Kamal Haasan fired a series of questions to Housemates for which they struggled to answer for some of them. It comes after Kamal Haasan faced a series of allegations and a police complaint last week.

There have been overwhelming wave of support for Oviya on social media platforms as well as amongst her fans. It looks like she is winning over the likes of the people than her movies because she is herself on the show who speaks out of her mind.

Oviya fans were rejoicing on social media, as she is not getting evicted today, at least for this week, as she tops the voting this time too. She has been nominated twice in the show and has survived the eviction as well.

Though Kamal Haasan asked a lot of questions to housemates based on the last week’s events, it looks like he purposely played a safer game when it comes to Gayathri, may be they are family friends or doesn’t want to corner her to a great extent.

People have been anticipating that he would raise the issue that created an outrage on social media, for using the word ‘Cheri Behaviour’ for Kalavani girl Oviya on the show. He may have his own reasons, which would be either; he doesn’t want to create an outrage outside Bigg Boss or doesn’t want to create a panic situation among contestants.