Oviya finally finds her man after 25 years, but there’s a catch

Bigg Boss Tamil: Looks like Aarav has impressed Oviya through his looks and generous attitude and their love episode is currently the talk of the town. She proposed to him in the first week itself but Aarav deliberately avoided her without answering to her proposal.

Obviously, Aarav has an attractive personality, which could have made Oviya to fall for him, but he looks genuine, though he plays his part very well at times. Oviya said yesterday on Bigg Boss that she likes him and he is the man who she is looking for 25 years. He has all the personal traits that a man should posses. He looks daring and manly, has guts to speak of his heart, strong and never give up attitude, and not to hurt anyone.

Housemates pulled Aarav legs by asking what Oviya and Gayathri asked during the interview and he elegantly avoided answering to their questions. When he was asked about his marriage, Aarav said he has been engaged and his marriage is after two months of the Bigg Boss. It has shocked everyone but Oviya who is in love with him didn’t know about it. Will Aarav open up about his marriage to Oviya or will continue to flirt with her?

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