Even Oviya wasn’t comfortable with Bharani, says Bigg Boss contestant Harathi Ganesh

Actress Oviya Helen is currently Tamil Nadu’s heart-throb, opted out of the Bigg Boss Tamil show citing medical reasons. During her eventful stay in the show, she managed to win the love of millions of fans, who was the only inmate to bid farewell to fellow contestant Bharani, when he ousted from the show.

Bharani was constantly cornered and bullied by fellow inmates throughout his stint in the house. Post Ganja Karuppu’s eviction, housemates ganged up together, showed him in bad light and called him womanizer. Raged at anxiety and frustration, he attempted to escape from the Bigg Boss house by climbing up the compound wall, and eventually, disqualified from the show for violating the basic norms of Bigg Boss.

Harathi Ganesh, another Bigg Boss contestant has been commenting on the show regularly since she was evicted from the show a few weeks back.  During one of the conversation with a fan, she was asked why didn’t she support Bharani, for which she replied, “Oviya also complains about bharani!I personally had no problem with bharani but all men and women against him but no ans from bharani!!