Oviya burst out into tears after the treatment she meted out on Bigg Boss Tamil

Oviya has arguably earned the love of tens of millions of people leading to the anger of the housemates on Bigg Boss reality game show. She has received overwhelming support from viewers, who survived the elimination twice, but eventually failed to win the likes of the fellow inmates. And, in fact, they ignored her from the very beginning of the game and even they don’t want to create a friendly relationship with her.

 Gayathri Raguram and Oviya involve in verbal duel

In the latest promo providing the glimpse of today’s episode, housemates gang up together and they decide to single out her. This is what they did for Bharani, and even at times, Oviya did support Bharani. But, it’s an awful moment for her, as there’s nobody to support her.

The housemates are seen complaining to Bigg Boss that she should be evicted from the show as she is creating problems. Snehan, the leader of the gang, who made the situation worse for Bharani, is again following the same strategy to make Oviya feel insecure and discomfort in the house. They are just letting her down, who approaches things positively, just burst out into tears. Oh Pity girl. Sadly, there are no hands to wipe her tears.

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Bharani tried to escape from the house and subsequently was ousted from the show. This shouldn’t happen to Oviya. Will Oviya fight back them back? Will Kamal Haasan pull the housemates this weekend?