Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu Review

Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu Review

Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu is a rural drama film (a film composed of dark comedy, suspense, thriller and lovely and realistic village life with no artificial commercial blend) from debutante Suresh Sangaiah, who portrays incidents that he had come through since childhood in a lively way. As the name suggests, this film is not entirely about goat sacrifices in temples in the name of tradition, though there are some scenes representing his ideology, but the core idea of the film is something you could agree or like.

This film will revive most of our pleasant, beautiful childhood memories if you had relocated to city life for living. Suresh hasn’t said anything new or something concealed in his film. It’s evident that his intention is to depict the lovely life of rural people on how they unite for every function ranging from sacrificing a goat to local deities to wedding to death and its accompanying complications. This movie has come out at a right time where beef bans, beef feats and beef politics turned out as serious debates among common people. Interestingly, the film isn’t a platform of animal sacrifice debates or he bats for it.

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Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu is a film about a village (Naduvampatti) and a newlywed couple (Vitharth as Ramamurthy and Raveena as Seetha) who go on trip to their neighborhood village to offer a goat sacrifice to their local deity following their marriage. The entire village gears up for the party (meat feast following the sacrifice) which is said through intriguing scenes and they set on the trip in a lorry (as typical villages do).

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En route, on a remote land, they encounter an accident, where they find a dead man in front of their lorry. Here’s the twist….  The one behind the wheels is none other than Ramamurthy (our newlywed groom). After serious debates and discussion, the villagers agree to cover up the murder. Are they able to pull off the plug? What happens next…. forms the crux of the story.

The interesting factor in the film is that it doesn’t focus only on the lead characters but also the supporting characters (the entire village, so it’s an army of cast) and each go by a crazy name and that includes Yezharai, Oor Muzhungi, Seval, Kunjukkari, Arumpaadu and Vengala Thonda. Each character has been given importance more or less to the leads.

The success of a film is the storytelling and Suresh has handled it perfectly. Looking at the movie, what we felt is that he has ensured to keep the audience curiosity over the par through intriguing screenplay. There are lots of scenes to say his narration skill, and to be specific, there is a scene where villages use polythene cover as hand gloves to not register their fingerprints on the body.

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As a matter for fact, Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu has lots of things in it, and you are free to take whatever you wish to take, just like plenty of food varieties in a luxurious buffet where you only pick the food that you like. And apparently, there are some downsides in the film. It’s hard for a debutante director to make flawless movie. But, considering the subject and the way he has taken the film, we won’t mind those flaws.

Overall, Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu is a pleasant and fun trip.

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