OMG! This is why makers of Bigg Boss Tamil protect Juliana from Elimination

Bigg Boss Tamil: With Raiza Wilson directly nominated for eviction last week for violating the basic rules of the show, Juliana, Oviya and Aarav have been nominated by the housemates for this week eviction. But, they are unaware of the fact that there is no elimination this week.

Last week, we got to see high voltage drama where Juliana twisted whatever she said to Oviya as she said to her, causing serious problems amongst housemates. There have been overwhelming wave of support for Oviya on social media for her absolute honesty.  Subsequently, members of Oviya Army lashed out backstabber Juliana and Gayathri on social media.

Looking at the ongoing outrage on social media, the makers of Bigg Boss called off eviction this week, as they are aware people will eliminate Juliana from the show, because she is double-standard, dishonest, disloyal, selfish, and backstabber.

As expected Juliana was nominated with highest votes and will eventually be eliminated from the show. But apparently, she is the trump card for the channel to make the show interesting and controversial. The strategy of the makers of the show is quite impressive working hard to keep the show entertaining.

With the wild card contestants likely to make entry in the Bigg Boss, there won’t be any less entertainment in the upcoming episodes.