OMG! Another big twist in Bigg Boss; Juliana falls in love with Aarav

In a new promo video showing the glimpse of events and happenings on day 17 on the Bigg Boss reality show, there comes another twist. Amid controversies and conflicts among contestants, the reality show is gradually turning out into a romantic love series.

It’s no doubt that Aarav has become quite popular amongst viewers after participating in the game show and has garnered huge fan following, especially girls. Apparently, he is the only guy in the show having relationship status as single, and thus the makers of the show are making up things around him.

After Oviya and Raiza Wilson, it is now Juliana aka Julie who has fallen in love with him. It looks like Aarav is the most demanded guy among the single female contestants in the game show. In the video, Julie is seen talking with Gayathri Raguram saying that she has fallen for him while Gayathri makes fun out of it with other contestants.

We have seen several romantic films based on triangular love stories; however, it’s quite interesting, looks like a square love episode. Aarav who has already started to ignore Oviya after moving close with Raiza and now it is Julie, and currently he is marketable product in the show. Bigg boss is getting intense as the day goes, and we guarantee that there are a lot of fun episodes to come in the coming days.