The Hashtag ‘#NoOviyaNoBiggBoss’ is Trending on Twitter India after Oviya repotedly quits ‘Bigg Boss’

#NoOviyaNoBiggBoss: Friday’s episode on Bigg Boss was a bit disappointing for millions of Oviya fans (Oviya Army) because it had some disturbing scenes that her fans won’t wish to see it. The episode ended similar to Tamil TV serials, leaving fans amid shock and suspense. Oviya Army wants to know whether she has left the show or not?

Leveraging the excitement level, the channel even pulled off Saturday’s promo from Friday’s episode. Known for her positive and charming attitude, Oviya has earned millions of fans across the world through the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. It surprises me as none of the contestants from Hindi Bigg Boss through the 10 seasons have earned such popularity and attention in short period of time.

Armies of Oviya fans have taken the pledge to not watch the show without their leader Oviya in the show. The hashtag #NoOviyaNoBiggBoss is now trending nationwide by showing their support for Oviya. Bigg Boss Tamil will face a tremendous downfall in TRP post her quit from the show. There’s no doubt that Oviya has inspired tens of millions of her fans during her stay in the house. She will now be happier than anyone else after seeing the overwhelming love and support for her.

Friday’s episode focused only about Oviya and saw some high voltage drama, emotional and disturbing scenes. She is seen extremely unstable, and requested Bigg Boss that she wanted to consult a doctor as she feels that ‘something is wrong with her’. In the latter half of the episode, she went on to jump into the pool and had to be saved by others.

Later, she was informed that she can leave the show as soon as her manager arrives. Snehan was with her after the incident as he doesn’t want to leave her alone. Going by Friday’s episode, she was informed about leaving the show at late evening that her manger would arrive in 45 minutes. But, there are reports doing rounds on the internet that she has left the show on Friday evening. Stay tuned to weekend episode to unfold the mystery.