Why Nayanthara’s Dora Movie is Given ‘A’ Certificate

Nayanthara starring Dora is all set to hit the screens worldwide on March 31st, 2017, in which the lady superstar plays a poignant character ‘Pavalakodi’. The film, billed as horror thriller, directed by Doss Ramasamy and produced by A Sarkunam under Sarkunam Cinemas banner has been given a ‘A’ certificate by Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

It has shocked everyone including the director and key people in industry took to Twitter to complain against the biased decision by the Censor Board. It isn’t the first time a film being affected by the censors, as there were several incidents in the past where many quality films have been affected. The censors reportedly working in a way it should not be, awarding ‘U’ certificate to movies having high adult content and ‘UA’ or ‘A’ certificate to movies that do not need it.

It is often complained that movies involving top notch actors and big productions were given ‘U’ certificate, irrespective of the fact that it might or not contain adult content. But, small budget movies were usually awarded with ‘UA’ or ‘A’ certificate, though there isn’t any adult content. The biased act of Censors Board has to be changed at some point of time or it would abruptly hurt Tamil cinemas.