Naruda Donoruda Movie Review Rating – Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Tanikella Bharani

Naruda Donoruda Movie Review: Naruda Donoruda is the official remake of 2012 Hindi Film “Vicky Donor” featuring Ayushman Khurana written by Juhi Chaturvedi. After a long gap, Sumanth is giving a comeback with this movie which is the most anticipated movie for his fans.

The crux of the story deals with a young man who tuns to a sperm donor, and makes load of money. He quits donating sperm after he fell in love with a girl. She learns his past as a donor and what happens is the story.

Cast & Crew

  • Cast: Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Suman Shetty, Tanikella Bharani,  Jabardasth Seshu, Sunkara Lakshmi, Pushpa, and Chalapathi Raju
  • Directed by: Mallik Ram
  • Written by: Kittu Vissapragada, Vidyasagar Rachakonda
  • Banner: Annapurna Studios
  • Release date: November 4, 2016


Doctor (Tanikella Bharani), a well qualified fertility expert, runs a fertility clinic and a sperm bank that guarantees a high quality and specialized sperm for the purpose. Unfortunately he has more failed cases to his credit than successes. A healthy, high performing donor is the need of the hour where he bumps into a potential guy Vicky(Sumanth).

As luck would have it, a small brawl in the colony brings Doctor and Vicky, face to face, where Tanikella, concludes that Vicky could be THAT donor he has been looking for. From here on, Tanikella days and nights are spent in convincing Vicky to become a donor till he finally gives in. Vicky finds his love interest Pallavi Subhash, a pretty girl, who works in a bank. But soon there hunky dory world comes crashing down because of Vicky`s past as a donor. With a brief emotional roller coaster ride, Naruda Donoruda is a light-hearted take on the subject of sperm donation.

As the film was already a hit and won several wards including National Award, it’s a definite laughter to spend your weekend. The execution of the movie should have been better. The comedy scenes and Sumanth performance is the highlight of the movie. The movie goes smooth until the interval block with the enjouble humourus scenes, but there was a lag in the second half of the movie. As the crux of the story reveled, the story revolves at the same point and no development further.

Since the headline of the movie is about sperm donor, there are some sceens which won’t fit for all. The movie ends with a toasting hilarious scene.

If you haven’t watched the Hindi version of the movie, then it is going to a big laughter for you. On a whole, Naruda Donoruda is a fun package with entertinamnet guranteed.


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