Namitha’s The Half Truth: Bigg Boss is as ‘Bogus’ and the Directors are experts in ‘Betrayal ’

Amid several tensions in Tamil Nadu, the reality show Bigg Boss has managed to grab the attention of the people, which is currently the talk of the town. In fact many have forgotten the ongoing social issues and were talking about the show. Speculations were rife with real face of the contestants being exposed.

Namitha, who was recently evicted from the show, shared her horrifying experience during her stay in the house.  She posted a poem titled “The Half Truth” on the photo sharing platform Instagram with a caption “#truthshallsetyoufree #soonerorlater until then put a brave face on and smile! Why?! Cus ” This too shall pass” 😊 I said what I had to say! If you know how to read between the lines u will get it!”

It looks like she watched Bigg Boss after walking out of the show and not satisfied with the content that is shown to the people.  She has accused the makers of the show for being partial, showing only the half of the things happened inside the house, which she calls the show as the “Half Truth”.

The poem starts with the line “you wake up in the morning with a smile and hope to do better but someone instigates you and your peace of mind is shattered.” She accuses her inmate (Oviya) during her stay in the house throughout the poem. She writes, “You judged me on my portrayal, where the show is is as ‘Bogus’ and the Directors are experts in ‘Betrayal ’. Here is the quick look at the poem:

Namitha The Half Truth

Namitha The Half Truth

Namitha The Half Truth

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